Heavy-duty Truck Fleet Specialized Service in North Carolina

Boom Repairs

Do you manage a heavy-duty recovery vehicle that has a large hydraulic boom? Do you need repair or maintenance services for this boom? If so, you’re in luck! Regardless of whether or not this boom is chain driven or hydraulically powered, our technicians here at National Fleet Management have you covered. Sometimes hydraulic fluid can leak, or the boom itself may rust and crack. Our technicians will repair any hydraulic components, weld your boom back together, and get you back out working! We’ll even perform some of these repairs right from your job site! Call today to learn more. 

Hydraulic Repairs

Do you manage a heavy-duty vehicle or piece of equipment with damaged hydraulics? Whether it be a hydraulic lift or a single hydraulic cylinder, we here at National Fleet Management will repair it. With over a decade of experience providing specialty services like hydraulic repair, you can count on us to get the job done in an efficient and effective manner. 

Railroad Equipment (Hy-Rail) 

Do you manage a heavy-duty truck that’s equipped with a Hy-Rail system? Does that Hy-Rail system need maintenance or repair? Well, we here at National Fleet Management offer those repairs! We do everything from Hy-Rail repairs to full installations! Call today to book an appointment for Hy-Rail service. 

PTO Repair, Maintenance, and Installation

Does your heavy-duty vehicle have a Power Takeoff Unit (PTO) that needs to be repaired or maintained? If not, are you looking to get one installed? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’ve come to the right place. We offer repair, maintenance, and installation services for PTOs of all kinds. Regardless of the type of heavy-duty vehicle you drive, we’ve got you covered here at National Fleet Management. 

Lift Gate Repair, Maintenance, and Installation

Do you drive a heavy-duty vehicle that has a lift gate? If not, do you want to get one installed? Here at National Fleet Management, we have a wide array of life gate services that are bound to meet your every need. Whether you’ve got a lift gate on the back of a heavy-duty pickup truck or on the back of a large box truck, you can count on our technicians here at National Fleet Management to repair and maintain it. If you’re looking to get a new gate installed or an old one replaced, you can find those services here as well! 

Botched Repairs

Did you bring your heavy-duty truck in for service, only for the technicians to botch the repair? Fortunately for anyone experiencing this issue, our technicians here at National Fleet Management have the tools, equipment, and know-how to fix botched repairs. Whether your suspension got screwed up or your airbags got replaced with the wrong kind, we’ll get your issues sorted out in no time at all. 

Trailer Flooring

A lot of people assume you don’t need to maintain the flooring of your enclosed heavy-duty trailer. After all, it’s protected from the weather, so why would it need maintenance? Well, over time, the cargo that’s placed on your trailer floor can cause your floor panels and supports to wear out. Not to mention, the loading process may also cause damage to your floor panels as well. 

As for open deck trailers, maintenance is incredibly important. Some open deck trailers are designed with metal supports, whereas others are designed with wood. Over time these wear out due to the weather and direct contact with the sun. Fortunately, we here at National Fleet Management do trailer flooring repairs of all kinds. Give us a call to find out more. 

Welding and Fabrication

Are you looking for a shop that offers welding and fabrication services? If so, you can stop your search! National Fleet Management has the services you’re looking for! Whether you need to weld a frame back together or want to patch an exhaust leak, you’ll find the right services here. 

Tool Box Installation

Are you looking to get a large toolbox installed on your heavy-duty vehicle? Whether it be on a large heavy-duty wrecker or dually pickup truck, we’ve got what you need. With over a decade of experience performing specialty services like this, you can rest assured knowing we’ve got the equipment and know-how to get the job done. 

Material Handler Maintenance and Repair

Do you have a heavy-duty material handler in your fleet? Well, our technicians are more than capable of working on material handlers and piggybacks of all kinds! From diesel engine repair to frame reinforcement, we do it all! 

Propane Trucks and Trailers

Do you have a propane truck or trailer in your fleet? Does it need maintenance or repair? Not to worry! We offer a wide selection of services for propane trucks! Whether you need patches for your tank or hose and valve repair, we’ve got you covered. 

Trailer Space Rental

Are you looking for a place to store your heavy-duty trailer? Here at National Fleet Management, we rent out trailer spaces to anyone who needs them! Call us today to find out more!

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More Fleet Services for Trucks

DOT Inspection

Are you looking to get your heavy-duty fleet vehicles DOT inspected? Here at National Fleet Management, we’re certified to perform DOT inspections and provide you with the required certifications. Contact us today to book an appointment.

Heavy Equipment Repair

Do you have heavy equipment that you need to repair or maintain? If you said yes, you’ve come to the right shop. We work on heavy equipment of all kinds. Whether you have a large heavy-duty wrecker, a rollback tow truck, or construction equipment, we’ve got you covered here at National Fleet Management.

Mobile Repair

Are you looking for a heavy-duty Onsite repair shop that performs repairs and maintenance on a mobile basis? If so, National Fleet Management is the right shop for you! We perform all kinds of services Onsite working with your schedule. Give us a call to book an appointment.

Preventive Maintenance

Are you looking for a heavy-duty repair shop to perform preventive maintenance services on your heavy-duty fleet trucks? If so, National Fleet Management has what you’re looking for! Our preventive maintenance services are some of the best in the industry. Call today to book yourself an appointment.

Roadside Assistance

If one of your trucks is within 100 miles of our heavy-duty repair shop and has broken down, our roadside assistance technicians will come to your driver’s aid. Don’t stress about untimely breakdowns. Give us a call, and we’ll head your way. For all your roadside service needs, we’ve got your back.


Are you in need of heavy-duty towing services? Maybe your equipment is simply unfixable on the side of the road? If so, call us, and we’ll come to get your fleet vehicle. With a fleet of capable heavy-duty tow trucks and super-experienced operators, we’ve got your back.