Mobile Repair Service for Truck Fleets in North Carolina

Mobile Repair in North Carolina

There’s nothing worse than having to call for a tow truck. After all, you’re already looking at expensive repair bills. Moving around heavy equipment or heavy-duty vehicles is no easy task and, as such, can be very expensive. Fortunately, for anyone who would prefer not to pay this hefty tow truck bill, we here at National Fleet Management offer mobile repair services of all kinds. Whether you need coolant system repairs or new drivelines, you can rest assured knowing we’ve got your back. 

Our mobile service technicians will drive a 100-mile radius around our shop, working with your schedule to provide you with Onsite repair.

Common Mobile Repairs

Coolant System Repairs

Diesel engines create a lot of heat, meaning it’s not uncommon for them to exceed their desired operating temperature. If your diesel engine is overheating, and you’d really prefer not to pay to get your heavy-duty truck towed to our shop, give us a call to schedule an Onsite mobile service. One of our technicians will come to your location and diagnose the problem. They’ll uncover what’s causing the engine to overheat and will fix the problem. With the tools and know-how to get any repair job done, you can rest assured knowing your diesel engine is in good hands. 

Preventive Maintenance

Our mobile service is not limited to just repairs. We also offer Onsite preventive maintenance services on a mobile basis. If you need an oil change for your heavy-duty truck but don’t have the time to bring your truck to us, schedule an appointment for our Onsite mobile service on your lunch break. While you’re at lunch, we’ll be out changing your oil for you. That way you don’t need to drive to and from our shop! We’ll do all the driving for you!

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We strive to provide the best fleet repair and maintenance services for our valued customers in North Carolina.

More Fleet Services for Trucks

DOT Inspection

Are you looking to get your heavy-duty fleet vehicles DOT inspected? Here at National Fleet Management, we’re certified to perform DOT inspections and provide you with the required certifications. Contact us today to book an appointment.

Heavy Equipment Repair

Do you have heavy equipment that you need to repair or maintain? If you said yes, you’ve come to the right shop. We work on heavy equipment of all kinds. Whether you have a large heavy-duty wrecker, a rollback tow truck, or construction equipment, we’ve got you covered here at National Fleet Management.

Preventive Maintenance

Are you looking for a heavy-duty repair shop to perform preventive maintenance services on your heavy-duty fleet trucks? If so, National Fleet Management has what you’re looking for! Our preventive maintenance services are some of the best in the industry. Call today to book yourself an appointment.

Roadside Assistance

If one of your trucks is within 100 miles of our heavy-duty repair shop and has broken down, our roadside assistance technicians will come to your driver’s aid. Don’t stress about untimely breakdowns. Give us a call, and we’ll head your way. For all your roadside service needs, we’ve got your back.


Are you in need of heavy-duty towing services? Maybe your equipment is simply unfixable on the side of the road? If so, call us, and we’ll come to get your fleet vehicle. With a fleet of capable heavy-duty tow trucks and super-experienced operators, we’ve got your back.