DOT Inspection Service for Truck Fleets in North Carolina

Are you looking to get a DOT certification for your fleet vehicles? Well, you’re in luck! We here at National Fleet Management are fully equipped and certified to perform any and all DOT inspections. We’ll ensure all your equipment is up to DOT standards and provide you with the documentation you need. Typically DOT inspections are done on an annual basis, so be sure to keep up with yours! We know that taking your heavy-duty trucks off the road isn’t easy, but failing to provide a DOT certification is even worse! Don’t worry; our processes are efficient, meaning you’ll be in and out of our heavy-duty repair shop in no time. 

What does the DOT inspection cover? 

Safety Equipment

As some of you may have guessed, safety equipment is at the forefront of every DOT inspection. Not only do we inspect the equipment that keeps your operators safe, but we inspect components that keep others on the road safe as well. For example, we will check airbags, seatbelts, mirrors, signals, braking systems, lights, and other similar mechanisms. Don’t worry; if any of these components don’t pass the inspection, we’ll fix them for you! Check out our various service pages to see which repair options are available. 

Emissions Control Systems

Emissions control systems are a big part of the DOT inspection. If your various systems aren’t functioning properly, you’ll likely fail the inspection. Emissions control systems include your EGR system, your DPF, and your catalytic converter. When these systems are damaged, your heavy-duty truck will start to emit hefty amounts of carbon and nitrogen oxides into our atmosphere. This is terrible for our environment and should be avoided at all costs.

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