Truck Exhaust Systems Repair Services for Fleets in North Carolina

At first, it may seem like your exhaust is good for nothing but noise suppression, but it’s actually responsible for significantly more. By funneling exhaust fumes away from your passenger compartment, you’re protected from inhaling harmful carcinogens. Your exhaust is also responsible for limiting the amount of harmful fumes emitted into our atmosphere. This is done using one or more catalytic converters. Since your exhaust is hanging quite low under your heavy-duty vehicle, it’s not uncommon for it to come in contact with road debris. This can cause a series of problems. Some of which we’ve covered below.

Symptoms of a Bad Exhaust System

Loud Exhaust

If your exhaust is very loud, there’s a high chance that you have an exhaust leak. An exhaust leak is usually caused by rust and can be anything from a large hole to a small puncture. The loud noise that commonly accompanies an exhaust leak happens because the sound is no longer going through your muffler. Accompanying this loud noise is the risk that your exhaust fumes will enter your cabin. If your exhaust pipes are breached, fumes won’t be exiting away from your vehicle. We highly recommend you get your exhaust leaks fixed, for inhaling exhaust fumes can be very dangerous. 

Rattling Sounds

If you hear rattling from the underside of your heavy-duty truck, one of your heat shields is likely falling off. Heat shields are designed to protect important parts of your vehicle from heat. Since they’re very low to the ground, heatshields are at risk of rusting off, therefore opening your vehicle up to heat damage.

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"Put in there and have airlines check for air leak and they found three of them right off the top fast not to go back in the heartbeat for all those problems they're great company"

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"Stanley and his team have provided excellent service in fixing our work trucks. They are professional and always timely. They communicate with us to keep us posted on the status of repairs and we've enjoyed working with the entire team here."

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"Stopped by the Durham location with a truck in limp mode, and while they were unable to disable the derate, the manager Jeremy was extremely helpful and did not even charge any diag fees. Very nice people."


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Had my PM, DOT inspection and slack adjusters installed promptly and price was reasonable."

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